I'm Kim Hui (pronounced "hoy") and I'm a Boston-based animator and designer. From characters to user interfaces, I love making things move. I also specialize in UX and visual design for interactive experiences.

Stuff I'm Good At
+ Animation and motion design
+ 2D character animation and rigging
+ Digital illustration and UI design
+ Storyboarding and wireframing
+ Concepts, prototyping, and proof of concepts
+ UX design and game design
+ Optimization and implementation of assets for interactive platforms, including HTML5
+ Mastery of Adobe Animate/Flash
+ Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
+ Knowledgeable in After Effects and Principle
+ Experience with art direction and leading small teams

I'm currently an Associate Creative Director at Hero4Hire. I'm open for freelance and consulting or to do work on that indie game you've been thinking about. I also enjoy working on educational projects and kids' media!

If you have a nonprofit project, let me know!